Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Baby related question!?!?!?!?!

Our first doctors appointment with Ashley's OB took almost 4 hours!!!!! We both agreed that was entirely to long! After some talking with each other, we think that the practice has so many doctors that leads to so many patients, leading to all the delays. Sorry for that little rant there, back to my question,

a) How involved should the husband be at the doctors appt b) How long does it usually take for you at your OB appointments?

Thanks in advance for the responses! 

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  1. a. My husband comes to every appointment and always remembers the questions to ask. I'm convinced this baby is eating my brain! I can't seem to remember anything!
    b. My first appointment was 3-4 hours... I hear that's pretty standard. We met the nurse and did a full history, financial manager and set up a payment plan based on our insurance coverage, blood work, ultrasound, and doctor's visit.

    The rest of my visits have been less than 30 minutes... pee in a cup, weigh, chat with dr., hear the heartbeat with doppler and make next appointment.

    My 19 week appointment lasted about an hour and a half... full anatomical scan.. It's a boy! - he wasn't very cooperative so they let me do the dr. visit and try again before we left.

    My next visit (27 weeks) will be a little over an hour to do the glucose test.

    hope this helps!