Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was slammed full of fun for Ash and I! Friday night we went to see our NATIONAL CHAMPION South Carolina Gamecocks play against the #1 Vanderbilt Commadores! We recieved some tickets from a student in Ashleys class and they were really great seats! The Gamecocks won the game in dominating fashion behing Roth's amazing night on the mound. On Saturday, I had my second Mud Run, the bad weather that never really came kept Ashley at home. My team did pretty good, a team member got hurt, but still chugged along to finish it! A real trooper!!! John's wife was on hand to take pictures as soon as she post them I will get some pictures for you! Then on Sunday we went to see the Braves play, Ash and I are both big Braves fan so it was nice to get to our first game, the braves lost a close one, but played hard!

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